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If anyone is looking for a Personal Trainer who cares look no further. Cody really cares about his clients.  I tried to worked out with him 3 times a week and if I cancelled to many days he would reach out to make sure I was alright. He pushed me to do my best to get results. He kept the workouts fun! I was not able to do not one push up and at one of my last sessions with Cody I did a couple. I was so proud! I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the drive from Cody. He is a driven Personal Trainer who wants the best results for his clients. If I ever come to California I’ll be sure to look him up for a workout!


Cody was my first personal trainer and when I first started I was nervous about looking inexperienced or not being able to do some of the workouts. However, one of Cody’s best qualities was making sure I was comfortable with what I was doing and pushing me on when I doubted myself. He was very patient with me. On top of that, he was humorous which made the workout more fun. When I started seeing results with him, I was even more motivated to train.  I could tell he was a personal trainer because he wanted his clients to improve and succeed, not because he was in it for the money. He is a genuine person who cares for the well-being of his clients. 


I absolutely loved training with you. You pushed me past what I thought were my limits and showed me I can do more than I ever imagined. You took my fitness goals seriously and helped me make some very important changes in my life. When we worked out, you consistently made me work hard and made every minute count, and it paid off in so many ways. I firmly believe you honestly cared about helping me rather than just making money. I'd recommend you for anyone who wants to make a real change in their lives because they'd be in excellent hands in your care. 

If you ever come back, I so want to be your client again.


I had never ever been in a gym much less have I had a personal trainer. God blessed me with Cody who is patient, kind and very encouraging. Even when I didn't want to try an exercise, he would smile and manage to get me to do it. I was with him for one year in which I felt he became more than my trainer but a friend as well. 



I came to Cody with goals of getting as strong as possible for my senior basketball season at a Tennessee University. Cody exceeded my expectations each day with his dedication to helping me achieve my goal. Cody motivates each client in ways that produce maximum results. I had never been stronger, more toned, and overall healthy as when I worked with Cody. He's consistent in upholding fun and challenging workouts that produce amazing results.


Cody is the best trainer! He is kind, yet firm. Tough, yet encouraging. I learned so much from him that will carry me on my healthy journey for life! I feel so much better about myself and health as a result of working with Cody. Work with Cody and LOVE your body!


Cody was my first Master Trainer in LA Fitness back here in Detroit. And a Master Trainer he is. As every trainer is known to push their trainees to the limits, Cody does it with a certain charm and passion you didn't realize existed until after he left Detroit. I personally learnt what super sets are from him, and have never looked back since. I can owe him my current trend to fitness and being lean even though I'm in a different gym and under a different trainer. The spark was very much needed, and he ignited that. 


And his 'training' didn't end there, interestingly. After starting to follow him on Instagram, he continued posting random workouts which I thought to myself "Hey, I should definitely try that!". Always a motivation to see him work out and post it almost on a daily basis. 


Besides training, Cody did inadvertently instill some level of kindness through his training/workouts and Instagram posts. He is never always about training, but training with a meaning. If you're not making someone's life better through whatever you do, then what's the point? That's what he does to his trainees. He's not happy that you're late? It's because you're slacking in something you signed up for. So make sure you learn a lot from him as long as he's there.


Have you decided you're ready? That's all it takes to get your transformation journey started! I'm ready to help you become the healthiest, best version of yourself possible, and I can't wait to get started working with you!

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